Muted Pastel Mixed Media Card with Cindy

Hi gorgeous gang! It’s Cindy here and today I’d like you to show you how you can create a fun and pretty easy card in Mixed Media style. All you need are a few different mediums like clear gesso and modeling paste, pieces of paper, pretty embellishments and of course you’re favorite Lindy’s Gang products, some splashes of color and pretty looking embossing powder.

First I’ve collected the things I wanted to use on my card, pieces of paper, embellishments and of course some pretty Lindy’s Gang Powders and Sprays. It depends on what mood I’m in if I decide on the colors before I start or while I’m creating something…lol…when my Mojo is wandering a bit I tend to get a collection of stuff ready.

When I decided on the materials I wanted to use I started by cutting some pieces of card stock to use underneath my scrapbook paper, distressed the edges with a distress tool and glued everything together.

Then I added a layer of clear gesso to prevent my papers from curling up too much.

I wanted to work with several techniques, so I used a stencil, added modeling paste and Lindy’s Embossing powder in two colors, Stardust Candy Rose and Café au Lait on one paper and used Versamark with a stamp and Lindy’s Stardust Candy Rose on the other.

I especially like the effect of the modeling paste and the use of two different colors.

Then I wanted to work with a bit of color, so with the first paper I’ve sprayed three colors on a piece of Mica and dabbed the paper on it.

On the second piece (the one I embossed using a stamp) I’ve sprinkled some Magical powder and sprayed water on top of it.

I made sure the papers dried completely before gluing them together. They still tend to curl a bit but I actually really like that effect with this shabby card.

I wanted to add some pretty embellishments and to make them coordinate with the papers I added color with the same sprays that I used on the papers. I’ve added orbit Olive Gold Embossing powder to the branch chipboard.

I actually decided that the heart was a bit to dark so i dry-brushed some white gesso on it and it ended up super pretty!

That’s definitely something I like about Mixed Media, you discover so many awesome techniques when you try to fix something that isn’t perfect yet.

I added some finishing touches with white gesso splatters and gorgeous chipboard embellishments. I also added some drops of ‘Gag me with a spoon Gray’ which turned out to be beautiful silver colored splatters.

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I hope you enjoyed this post and would to see your projects using some of these techniques. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


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