“Je râle pas” Baby Book with Nirvana

Hi Everybody!!

I bought a Planner last March to record the first year of my new baby’s life, and I’ve been working in it all this time! All my free time (which every new mum knows is in short supply) is devoted to it!  Let me share this page with you as I retrace the first year of my baby’s life!

Now, since there are days that I don’t have a lot of time to craft I keep some of the pages in my baby journal quite simple.  This page uses just ONE color of Lindy’s spray French Lilac Violet to add color.

Basic Process

  1. Put a little ink spray on a plastic packaging, here I used color: French Lilac Violet but it also works with magicals!
  2. Then spray a little water over it!
  3. Put this plastic on your page, then apply stamps here and there!
  4. Then let your imagination go!

I have concocted a small page in video!

Lindy’s Products

Other Products

  • Stamps, black ink pad

Hoping this simple page inspires you to create something, not all pages need a lot of products!

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