Mixed Media Art Doll “Garden” with Yulianna

Hello Gang! Yulianna Efremova here and I’m so excited to be with you this year as a Lindy’s Ambassador.  For this month’s project, I’m going to show you how to make a Art Doll titled “Garden” that I’ve colored with Starburst Sprays from Lindy’s.

I wanted to make it easy for you to make something like this yourself, so I’ve filmed a video so you can see just what to do to make this at home.


  1. Cut out a base for the doll from cardboard
  2. I stuck lace on the cardboard base and primed it
  3. Connet the doll parts with the help of eyelets
  4. Glue leaves together to make the skirt and stick it and the flowers on the base
  5. Spray on Lindy’s Starbursts
  6. Emboss the chipboard and glue it down
  7. Done!

I’ve used Starbursts: California Poppy Gold, Prima Donna Purple, Freaky Franken’ Lime, Yellow Rose of Texas and Embossing Powder: Urban Amethyst, Yodeling Yellow, Lederhosen Laurel  to create my Art Doll.  You could create a similar piece with your favorite colors.

Lindy’s Products

Other Products:

  • Cardboard, paper flowers and leaves, Chipboard, Eyelets, Liquid glue.

I hope you have enjoyed this Doll.

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