Replacing Your Alcohol Inks with Lindy’s

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if you ever tried to use Lindy’s sprays and Magicals instead of alcohol inks?
Well, I do not have alcohol inks, but I sure have Lindy’s, so I decided to give it a try and I am so happy I did! The result is simply gorgeous- not exactly like alcohol inks, but different and uniquely beautiful.

So let me show you how I colored my ATC cards with Lindy’s products, 90% alcohol and Yupo paper (I did a trial on watercolour paper and while it works,  I need to honestly say that it works way better on Yupo). Hope you’ll try to experiment a little with Lindy’s, as you never know what beauty you can create:)

I prepared few Lindy’s sprays: Queen of Hearts Red, California Poppy Gold, Hydrangea Blue & Time Travel Teal and Magical- Ocean Breeze Blue.

I took a piece of Yupo paper and started spraying and splattering them onto the page. Then I used my mini sprayer filled with 90% alcohol and started doing exactly the same: spraying and splattering onto the page covered with Lindy’s. When I saw that some of the paint is forming blackish pools, I dabbed it away with a tissue. I sprinkled Magical powder on with a brush on some on the page and again sprayed it with alcohol.

I repeated the same process few times and finally added even more color with Flat Fabio spray- Luscious Lime and Magical Shaker- Oktoberfest Orange. I dried everything with a heat gun, tilting the page when needed, added some more alcohol splatter, dried it again. This is the result I got- magical! 🙂

Afterward I cut the paper to size little smaller then ATC, made ATC-sized bases for the cards with black paper and glued them together with double-sided tape.

Then I added some light stamping with permanent Archival Ink and started gluing embellishments (die cuts, brads and metal parts, gauze and lace, etc). As a focal point, I added die-cuts from AB Studio paper. I really didn’t want to cover too much of my ATC as I am totally in love with this background, so I used the embellishments very lightly this time.

Then I added some white splatter and word stickers from Tim Holtz and the ATC’s are done! And if you really like the end result, you can watch the process video I made for Lindy’s Gang, the link is under the close-up photos.

Please enjoy this process video:

Lindy’s Products

Other products:

  • AB Studio die-cuts from collection: Be Gentle & Vintage Elements, AALL & Create stamp # 74, Yupo  paper, Archival Ink- black, Small Talk stickers by Tim Holtz, 90% alcohol, 13 @rts- Ayeeda Powder 3D, black, White acrylic- Pebeo, Tacky Glue, 3D foam tape and Industrial die-cuts

Hope you’d enjoyed this short tutorial and if you create something with Lindy’s products and alcohol, don’t forget to post it on Lindy’s  Creative Gang Facebook group. I’ll be happy if you tag me as well:)

Have a great day and see you soon!


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