Mixed Media Relics Earthenware by Phoebe Tonosaki

Hello gang, I am VERY happy to be on the Lindy’s blog today and to have this chance to share a very COOL ancient looking project made with the wonderful Magical Shakers from Lindy’s and a new technique I cooked up.

I call the technique (and this piece) “Relics Earthenware” because it looks just like the old ancient earthenware jars that have been used thousands of years ago and just found from the deep soil.

You may think this looks complicated to make, however, NO!  This is pretty easy!!

Please refer to my step by step tutorial video with narration so I can show you how this was created…

See how the color highlights the cracks.

Basic procedure

  1. Make clay parts with a silicone mold
  2. Apply gesso, then add crackle paint to random areas
  3. Let the paint dry completely overnight
  4. Gesso around the area
  5. Fill the gaps between clay parts and the surface with texture paste
  6. Apply texture paste to random areas
  7. Pick colors of Magical shakers and add on different areas, spread with water
  8. Dry between layers
  9. Highlight with Gold and white tones

I hope you like all these close-ups details you see here and that these inspire you to try your hands on this technique!!

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Thank you very much for watching/reading. If you have any questions please contact me, I love to hear from you all,

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