Happy Day Canvas with Nirvana

Hi everybody!  It’s my turn to be with you on the Lindy’s blog and I’m excited to present you my small canvas “Happy Day” in tones of brown, yellow and pink!

You can see how I made this canvas in the following video.

Basic Process

  1. Sprinkle with Magical (grab a guy gold) and spray with water
  2. Then spray on Steampunk Sepia on and then dry
  3. Add Burnt Umber spray and then Grab a Guy Gold and dry again
  4. Then make some water stains by flicking water over the surface
  5. Emboss stamped words along the bottom of the panel with embossing powder purely white
  6. Stamp on a stencil delicately… Then add another pattern with a paint or black gesso
  7. Then paste on your embellishments to finish!

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I hope you have enjoyed what I made for you today,


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