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Ahoy all ye Lindy’s lubbers…..Today we be finding the treasure using me tags!! You may want to get your hands on some treasure of your own such as Lindys Moonshadow Mists or Embossing Powder which is what you will need for this project 🙂 I recently shared some tags that I had created. I had so many people ask for a tutorial, so I thought I would share the technique here.


To begin, I have taken some Whichcraft chipboard tags and used some texture paste to add texture to the surface, it really doesn’t matter what type of paste as most of it will be covered up.


Next, I have applied some copper colored paste to the detailed part of the tag in a very thick and textured fashion. If you don’t have a copper paste, just use any texture paste and paint it with some metallic paint.


While the paste is still wet, randomly sprinkle Lindy’s embossing powder in Midnight Bronze, Midnight Teal and Midnight copper on top of the wet paste and leave a few areas without any embossing powder. Use the heat tool to dry the paste and activate the Embossing powder. This will bubble and give some great ‘rusty’ looking texture.


Next, paint the rest of the tag with some blue paint, then add a little more copper paste (or paint) around the outside edge of the tag.


Now, this is where the magic happens, generously spray the entire tag with Moon Shadow Mist in Tawny Turquoise and Buccaneer Bay Blue and dry off.8

Look at all that shimmer…


Use black archival ink to darken the edges of the tags.


To finish the tags off I have layered some ‘treasure map’ paper underneath and on top of the tag. Embellish the tags with art stones and glass beads, metal charms and a little mesh ribbon and add some ribbon or fibers to the top of the tag….

ARRRRrrrggg…. we be done!


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  • Whichcraft Chipboard tags, texture paste, paint, ink, art stones, glass beads, metal charm, papers, fibers, ribbon

Thanks for dropping by and have a magical day xx

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