Pretty Mixed Media Card Tutorial with Marta

Hello friends!

It’s Marta Turska here and today I would like to show you my mixed media layered card.  I’ve created something soft, pretty and feminine for you all today using some of my favorite Lindy’s colors.



Basic Process

  1. Prepare background for the card using watercolor paper
  2. Mix Magical shaker with Light Paste and spread it through a harlequin stencil.
  3. Colour paper flowers stamped on paper using water and Lindy’s sprays.
  4. Color resist canvas elements with water and sprays.
  5. Layer the colored elements to complete your card


You can watch it in the video tutorial that I filmed for you:


When my card was ready, I splashed some white spray on it just to add interesting accents.



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I hope you like my card and video tutorial 🙂

Have a lovely day!

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