Altered Artist Palette “Colors of the Fall” with Aleksandra

Hi dear Lindy’s gang friends and fans. Summer has come to an end and in Slovenia, we just started school and days are pretty busy and hectic. But as I was cleaning my kids closets, I found some beautiful treasures hidden inside. 🙂 One of them was, for example, this Artist Palette that was just screaming for me to repurpose it! I already made one Artist Palette as inspiration for this month’s Color Challenge but felt compelled to do one more, since the idea behind was totally different.

So I made this Altered Palette showcasing colorfulness and richness of textures, smells and Picturesqueness of the Fall. I hope you’ll like my idea and the result that came out of it!


  1. Cover the Palette with a coat of white gesso, then top that with a coat of special texture paste (I used Ceramic Stucco texture paste). Add another coat of white gesso and a coat of White crackle texture paste on some parts of the palette.
  2. When dry, add white color from tube into round paint wells and add some colors on top. I’ve been using colors from this month’s color palette: Time Travel Teal, Frozen Jack Frost, Bavarian Blue, Hottie Pattotie Hot Pink and Octoberfest Orange with a dash of Grab a Guy Gold.
  3. When all dry add some Autumn themed photos that match colors on the color palette.
  4. Using Gel medium add some glitter, micro beads and confetti on top of the colors.
  5. Add a painted brush, quote and some white splashes to make it look more artistic.

I’ve also prepared a video tutorial on Lindy’s Youtube channel so it’s easier for you to follow the process.

Lindy’s Products

Hope you were inspired by my project and tutorial for it and I hope to see you back soon! Enjoy your Autumn days!

Hugs, Aleksandra

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