Foamiran Flower Coloring using Lindy’s Products with Olga Bielska

Hi lovely Lindy’s Gang! Olga Bielska here with you today and I come to you with a tutorial in which I want to show you how to color silk foamir flowers using Lindy’s wonderful sprays and powders.

Silk foamiran can be colored using Lindy’s Sprays or Magical Shakers.

Coloring with sprays:

  1. Flower petals should be cut from foamiran and can then be dipped into Lindy’s sprays (or sprayed) and then dried with a heat tool.
  2. Then knead the foamiran as in the following video.
  3. At the end you shape the petals and glue together.

To make multi-colored flowers, use several sprays of color.

Coloring with shakers: 

  1. The flower petals cut from foamiran should be sprinkled with powder and then sprayed with water (to activate the dye ink powder).
  2. After drying, we get a few tones of color, which is perfect for flowers.
  3. To finish, knead, shape the petals and glue together like on the tutorial.

I hope that you will like my way of dying flowers.  See exactly how I do this in the tutorial below.  You can create a whole garden of flowers with these simple ideas and Lindy’s sprays and powders are wonderful for coloring the Foamiran!


Lindy’s Products


Thank you so much for your attention!

Regards, Olga.

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