Enjoy Every Moment Home Decor Frame by Sivan

Hi sweet Lindy’s fans! It’s Sivan here with a new inspiration!

Today I would like to show you how to make a decor item for your home with a very very easy technique using gorgeous Lindy’s products and a simply embroidery hoop!

I started by making the background surface by using Flat Fabio Lindy’s sprays. I decided to create an atmosphere of fairies/flowers using a combination of green and pink that are perfect together if you ask me 🙂

For the pink I used –  Chateau Rose and Pink Ladies Pink, and for the green used with Luscious Lime.

I added stenciled molding paste for texture and some more stamps embossed with Caesar’s Gold and Oom Pah Pah Pink to pop up the background.

To create some contrast, I painted the other side with black gesso and cut a circle that match to my painted embroidery hoop.

All I have to do now is decorate with gauze fabric that I painted with Blazing Black Spray and mixed with some beautiful flowers.

For the final touches, I took a sentiment and added two coats of Purely White EP to make the color bold and really pop.

Also, I created some pretty paste with Mini art stones, gold sequins, soft matte gel, Pink Ladies Pink Flat Spray and spread it in different places.

Here’s a full video tutorial of all the process, I hope you will enjoy this:

Lindy’s Products

I hope you liked this project and get inspired! There are so many options and an endless variety of things to do with Lindy’s products that you can do something that looks complicated with so easy way. It’s huge fun!!

See you in the next tutorial. xoxo

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