“My First Pumpkin” Layout with Sivan

Hi lovely Lindy’s fans! It’s Sivan here with a new layout full of fun Halloween pumpkin inspiration and colored using Lindy’s fabulous products!

One year ago my hubby photographed these pumpkins for me. I believe this picture is pretty normal for most of you at this time of year, but where I come from, this is like magic!  All the different kinds, sizes, types, species.. it’s absolutely amazing. And this was my first pumpkin!

At the time, I didn’t imagine at all that only a year later, I would move to a new country exactly where this picture was taken originally. Life certainly brings us surprises and new experiences 🙂

I started by creating the background by making a color palette surface for my picture. I combine 3 Lindy’s sprays- Glory of the Seas GoldBrushed Nickel and Blazing Black.

I really really love the bright colors that you get from Lindy’s Magicals and their pigment ! I used two colors from the Hawaiian Islands Flat Magicals set – Magical Mai Tai & Aloha Avocado.

My next step was to create a textured layer by mixing different embellishments and highlighting them with colors. I mixed Art stones with sequins, made some interesting layer and added color like the previous layer.

The final step was to make the composition and add the final touches.

I think all that layout is all about how to use products and make different techniques with them for a full homogeneous layout.

You are welcome to watch the full process on the video below:

Lindy’s Products

Hope you liked my layout and get inspired!

Happy fall to everyone!! xoxo


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