GIFT !! Two Envelope Tutorials with Nirvana

Hi Lindy’s Gang!!

Today I have a GIFT for you!! I’ve made Two videos and will show you 2 different ways to create these pretty envelopes!

Process 1

  • Add some stamping on the edges of the envelope then put it aside
  • Cut some white paper a little smaller than the envelope
  • Spray Yellow rose of Texas on the paper
  • Spray “Hibiscus Rose” over the mask
  • Then spray a few drops of a matching ink after removing the mask
  • Add stamps
  • Add modeling paste through a mask
  • Paste the paper on your envelope and add embellishments!

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Now for the second idea!

Process 2

  • Add a layer of gesso to the envelopes
  • Once the gesso is dry, add some stamping
  • Spray with Lindy’s ink then add a few drops of a second color
  • Add stamps and make some stains with gesso diluted with water
  • Paste on your favourite embellishments!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed these two pretty ideas.

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