String Pull Technique Journal Page using Lindy’s Sprays with Asia

Hello, hello Lindy’s lovers:) It’s snowing here already and so I stayed home and decided to experiment a little. I decided to do a pull string technique with Lindy’s sprays and oh, I am so happy with the result! So tell me honestly guys- what is it still out there you can’t do with Lindy’s? I think you can create loads of projects!

Let’s start with mine:)

I am gonna be honest with you, before making my project and filming it, I actually did a trial and I will show you the photos of my very first string pull technique trial in a few days on Lindy’s Creative Gang FB page. And since I did my trial on a regular piece of paper, you’ll see how different the effects are.

Today however, I started by preparing my Lindy’s Starbursts sprays: Time Travel Teal, Bougainvillea Fuchsia & Hydrangea Blue.  I also cut few pieces of quite thick white string- this was just string I had at hand, I was not overthinking it too much. Anyway, after preparing it all I shook the sprays well, unscrewed the sprayer cap and dipped the string into the bottles and let it soak up a little the paint.

Then, one by one, I took them out, placed on the piece of paper, covered it with another piece of paper with a small opening cut out in the middle, and holding the top paper with my hand  I pulled the string out. I repeated the process with each color. The last string I decided to pull from the edge which you’ll see clearly in my video. It was really hard to take a picture of the project, I had both hands busy and nobody around me to take a shot of what I was doing, hence the movie!

For this project, I preferred to work on a piece of cardstock paper, which I later adhered to my art journal, this way I had a really flat surface to work on.  The different ways to pull the string, either from edges of the paper or by making a circle-shaped incision in the middle of the paper you are covering the project with,  give you different effects, which you can also see on the photos below.

I also took a flower die-cut and covered it with Lindy’s Starburst: Midnight Rendezvous Raven. I got this beautiful black and silvery colour, not too strong, just like I wanted.

For the background, I added some stamping and some embossing with Lindy’s Obviously Black EP.

I added some splatters, but just a tiny, tiny bit and a Small Talk stickers by Tim Holtz. The die-cut flower was covered also by Glossy Accents (just the flowery parts).

Here are few close-ups of the finished project and below the link to my video:

Link to step-by-step video:

Lindy’s Products

Other products:

  • Aall & Create stamp #120, Kesi’Art stamp, Black Jet Archival Ink, WOW! Embossing Pad, Tacky Glue, Tim Holtz’ Small Talk stickers, double-sided tape, Glossy Accents

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you do pull string technique with Lindy’s sprays, don’t forget to share it with us on Lindy’s Creative Gang Facebook page!

Have a great day, hugs,


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