How to Make Your Own Calendar with Phoebe Tonosaki

Hey there creative gang, it’s Phoebe here to share a cool DIY idea for 2019 !

We all start to plan what calendar to buy, but hey, why buy it when you can make it with Lindy’s!!!

I made this with a cinch kit, but you can make a simple one by cutting with your own format and punching holes with simple tools and binding with ribbons!

Please check out my step by step tutorial so you can see how this is done, and the most important part: the Lindy’s FUN !

Basic Process:

  1. Punch holes in the template and bind it
  2. Add chipboard elements and numbers to represent months and days
  3. Paint with Black and white gesso on different sheets
  4. Use your favorite Lindy’s Gang sprays in layers
  5. Add glitter if needed

Lindy’s Products

Here is what I have used in this project :

I hope you like this project! my hubby sure does. He already started flipping the date but we are still in 2018 LOL!

Thank you very much for supporting Lindy’s !

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