Christmas Frame DIY Home Decor with Sivan

Hello Lindy’s fans! It’s Sivan here with new inspiration for Christmas!  I’m back today to share a full video tutorial on how to create a mixed media home decor frame with two-tones of color.

Basic Process

  1. Glue different 3D elements onto a frame
  2. Paint them all with white gesso
  3. Use Lindy’s two tones sprays and paint with the boldest color in the center and the lighter color around the edges
  4. Make a nice composition with focal point
  5. Be bold again with your color tones around the image
  6. Add white gesso to make it look more combined and consistent
  7. Add little touches as you wish, like glitters, sequins etc.

I really like the combination of two very different layers behind white gesso. Hope you like it too!

For adding in the layers more dimensional effect, I embossed chipboard with Lindy’s embossing powder.

Here’s a full step-by-step video for you:


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Thank you so much for stopping by! xoxo

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