DIY Dividers for your Planner with Nirvana!

Hi Everybody!!

I was looking for a little planner to be able to note the funny phrases and other anecdotes of my little boy, and remembered I had an old agenda (but beautiful!!) sitting at the bottom of a cupboard!  By removing what was inside, I already have the base of the planner, all that it needs is for me to make dividing tabs!  Hopefully, this will give you a little inspiration to begin getting ready for 2019!

Basic Process:

  • On white Bazzill cardstock, I put a layer of white gesso, and let it dry.
  • I sprayed on Lindy’s ink “C’est la vie Cerise”! Then a few drops of another matching ink: Shabby Teal turbine as well as some water.
  • I then added some stamps (with water and ink).
  • After cutting tabs at the right size in cardboard (so that they are very thick), I cut them also in my Bazzill, and I covered with cardboard.
  • It only remains for me to decorate them with my stamps cut out in the rest of my white Bazzill.

Want to see all this on video? You can have a look here!!!

This is how my dividers look

And now my old planner has a new life!


Lindy’s Products

I hope you now have a few ideas and might try making your own planner dividers using your favorite Lindy’s colors and products.

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