Christmas Tree with Elena Martynova

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If the winter was no snow, I’d think it was a long and very cold autumn! So I’m for snow!!! Although in our region it falls very little, melts quickly and doesn’t bring much joy  :))) But, when the weather becomes generous and give us a snowfall of large fluffy flakes, these are the most wonderful moments of winter!

I’m trying to lure a snowfall with this Christmas tree wrapped in a snow blanket.


The wooden base was covered with a texture paste. I didn’t use stencil, just poked on the paste with a palette knife. Added a little crackle paste and stuck on sequins and beads.


When the paste has dried, paint everything white with gesso and spray with Lindy’s: Tiffany Lou Blue, Witch’s Potion Purple Shimmer Spray,Tibetan Poppy Teal Shimmer Spray ,  Opal Sea Oats Shimmer Spray ,Frozen Jack Frost Shimmer Spray


Add plastic frames and metal embellishments decorated with embossing powder Desert Moon Turquoise.


Highlight the texture and volume using White Gold wax by Prima.


I twisted the wire and glued the tiny lights that I pulled out of an old Christmas garland.

In the end, as usual, I added a few silver microbeads and white glitter.


All the details of the creation process you can see in my video:

Lindy’s Products:

Other Products:

  • Texture White paste, Ranger Crackle White paste,  Gloss Gel,   metal embellishments,  sequins, microbeads, glitter.

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