Make these Easy Christmas Balls with Asia

Hi lovelies:) My project for today was hugely inspired by Marta Lapkowska and her Christmas decorations. But I also added some things “invented” by me and of course I used Lindy’s sprays.  The idea is quite simple but very effective and I do really love it. All you need is gesso, glue, plastic balls some lace, die cuts or tissue paper, and don’t forget Lindy’s!  Here I used only sprays, but I am sure you can use also magical or shakers.
So let the Christmas preparations begin!

Before I start I want to make one thing clear- because some of my decorations are very similar to the gorgeous ones made by Marta Lapkowska, even though I tried really hard not to copy her process and add something truly mine in terms of preparation and added embellishments,  I have contacted Marta and asked for her permission to do similar project for Lindy’s, which I got. That’s what crafting is, sometimes you find inspiration in the creations of other artists, but what’s important is to credit their work. So thank you Marta!  Below you’ll find the link to Marta’s video.

Ok, so back to my project, I used two types of balls- plastic and styrofoam ones. There are both ok to work with, but plastic ones have already a small opening to attach the lace for the tree. With the styrofoam ones, I added a small ribbon by attaching it with a sewing pin.  The first step is to cover the balls with white gesso ( I did not sand them and I let them air dry as drying them with a heat gun can possibly melt them.

After the balls dried, I added the decorations with 3D mat gel:

  • Some of them were pieces of lace which I cut to my liking, some die cuts, it’s better to add things which are more long than wide as they will not adhere well on the spheric shape.
  • To some of the balls, I also added felt tape which looks a lot like lace and
  • Pieces of paper tissue (deli paper is fine as well). The tissue paper I just adhered to the balls making “wrinkles” with a brush.
  • I used also few flat wooden stars to make the decorations and for them, I used only the tissue paper. I am wondering now how good would they look with a lace or die cuts.

You need to wait for quite a while until the glue is dry, checking from time to time if all is well adhered, adding more glue if needed.

The next step was to add Lindy’s colors and for this purpose, I added only Lindy’s sprays.  I was either spraying them directly or adding them with a brush. It was a repetitive process as the lace and paper takes a lot of paint, but it was quite rewarding at the end to see the result.

When the paint was dry, I dry-brushed the balls with white gesso to give the snowy look and sprinkled some glitter on.   I am not a big fan of glitter, but just for Christmas I do go a little crazy with it!

For the “wrinkled” stars, which I did exactly like the balls, I added a little bit of metallique wax at the very end, to make the wrinkles and the shine more visible.

And that’s what I come up with.  It’s hard to see all the shine from Lindy’s and glitter, but believe me when I say it’s all there! I truly love my Christmas balls. It takes time to make them, but they are quite cheap to do and they will be for sure hanging on my Christmas tree!

Lindy’s Products

Other products:

  • Finnabair 3D mat gel
  • Finnabair Opal Magic wax- Blue Velvet, Metallique waxes: Rose Gold, Aged Brass, Brushed Iron
  • Renesans- white gesso

And this is the link to Marta Lapkowska’s video:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you’ll come up with your own Christmas ornaments using Lindy’s:)

See you soon and Merry, Merry Christmas!


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