Walking in the Winter Wonderland with Aleksandra

It’s getting colder and colder here in Slovenia every day. We’ve had our first snowflakes a few days ago, but they didn’t last for long. I still remember how excited I was as a kid each time it started to snow outside. It’s such a joy and happiness to watch my kids being the same. I love snow. It usually causes chaos on the roads, but when you can afford to be stuck at home with a good book, movie and a cup of hot tea, watching snowflakes dancing in the air… nothing beats that Winter spirit!

Each year I get so excited with the ideas of making fresh Winter projects! It’s a special time! And this year is no different than the others. So for my first December project, I prepared for you an Altered Teacup in which I created a snowy winter scene.


  1. First I colored my cup with a mixture of Heavy white Gesso, White texture paste and some added fine sand.
  2. I let it dry (you can speed-up your drying process with a Heat Gun) and then colored it applying Lindy’s sprays. I was using Azure Sea Asters and Tainted Love Teal Starburst Spray.
  3. I then filled my cup with various pieces of cardboard to raise the level of a bottom and applied some Cotton Wool on top of it. I applied a bit of Sculpture medium and Paper Texture paste on it and when still wet I sprinkled it with Pure White Lindy’s embossing powder and melted it.
  4. Then I added my cardboard pieces and other decoration. I colored the pieces with Lindy’s Starburst Cowabunga Copper Spray or embossed it with Purely White embossing powder.
  5. I then added some artificial snow and some white glitter on top of everything.
  6. I also decorated the cup with some chipboard pieces and a big flower and added some Art Stones at the end.

I’ve also made a video tutorial, which you can find on Lindy’s gang youtube channel:

Lindy’s Products used:

Hope you liked the winter inspiration I prepared for you today! And I’m so much looking forward to seeing all your wintery projects this coming month!

Enjoy your day!

Hugs, Aleksandra

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