Mixed Media Photo Frame for a New Year with Phoebe

Good day gang! Time flies in a blink and now I am sharing my last project for 2018.  I want to take this chance to thank you for your support to Lindy’s Gang and myself.
Words cannot describe how grateful I am to be here to share with you and inspire each other.

For the last month of the year, I figured that we all want to make something for a new year.  So here is my Photo frame, a vintage and elegant style decoration perfect to showcase your best moment in 2018.

Basic Procedures:

  1. Add Metal embellishments to photo frame
  2. Add Texture Paste on surface
  3. Cover with black gesso
  4. Start using Pink color Lindy’s sprays
  5. Use Icing Paste to blend in the colors
  6. Use some more pink colors then gold and silver
  7. Add the final touch with wax and glitters
  8. Add pebbles

Lindy’s Products

I have a video tutorial for you, short and easy !

I hope you find this project interesting, I encourage you to create a photo frame just for yourself to start the new year !

Thank you very much for the support and love !

2 thoughts on “Mixed Media Photo Frame for a New Year with Phoebe

  1. I am unable to view Phoebe’s video. I am using my IPad . The box for the video is gray, and it says “ this video is unavailable “.

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