My Art Book By Nirvana

Hi Everybody!!!

I hope you had a merry Christmas, we are December 30, and here is my last creation
of the year for Lindy’s!!  If you follow me, maybe have you seen the previous pages of my “Art Book” ??
Well, today I’ll show you the cover !!!


  1. Paste your embellishments, then paint them with black gesso!
  2. Spray a golden color and then another copper everywhere!
  3. Put a little white gesso on the textured areas!
  4. Spray your favorite colors on the center of your embellishments! (If the color is not pronounced enough, you can spray a 2nd time over!)
    Once dry, I added little touches of “Tawny Turquoise” to add a little effect to my rust!
  5. Then I intensified my gilding with a golden wax and another silver!

You now know everything… that you need to!!!

Please watch my video to see exactly how I made this,

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I send you my best wishes for 2019 !! Love, health, work, and a lot of happiness !!

Take care of yourself!!

Nirvana xoxo

6 thoughts on “My Art Book By Nirvana

  1. While I can’t answer for Peggy, I don’t use real rusted objects very much as the rust can transfer to hands or paper when you touch it, can also degrade paper and cardboard over time. So to make something that will last I make it look rusty, but without the side effects.

  2. very nice work. question: why do you use things that are made to look like rusty metals, instead of using real rusty metals?

  3. Impresionante!!!
    Embelesada estoy de ver cómo simples abalorios, papeles, soportes de abalorios, etc. se transforman en verdadera obra de arte.
    Gracias por compartir el paso a paso.
    Feliz 2019!!!

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