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Hello, Lindy’s Tribe.  A Happy New Year to you all!! And a happy new obsession for me… Batik! I love it, the patterns, the colors, designs, I just can’t get enough. The fabric that comes from Indonesia is AMAZING and has totally inspired today’s project. I have to send a big shout out to my Mum, Anne, who showed me this fabulous technique, and I am sure you will love it just as much as me.

For this project you will need 3 of your favorite sprays, I have chosen Urban Amethyst, Hydrangea Blue, Drop Dead Gorgeous Green and some purely white embossing powder.


To begin, take your sprays and some plain white single sheet (single ply) napkins.


Leave the napkin folded into quarters and spritz moderately with water on both sides, you may see the napkin warp with the water.


Next, add your sprays to the napkin, if you choose colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, they will blend nicely to give you additional colors. Blue will work with purple or green so I’ll have no problems there, however, I have been more careful with the green and purple, as these will make brown if they mix.


Spritz the now colored napkin with more water, you can be quite liberal, then place a new clean napkin on top of the colored napkin.


Use your hand to help the color seep into the top napkin (wear gloves if you do not want Lindy’s colored hands).


Keep gently pressing with your fingers until all of the top napkin is colored too.


After you have absorbed the color into the additional napkins you should now have napkins that look something like this. Take your heat gun and gently dry the napkins, turning the napkin will help dry all the layers.


Once your napkin is mostly dry… flick large droplets of water back onto the napkin, I know, I know, you just dried it, but this will give some awesome effects, and then dry off again.


Now that our napkin is all dry we can open it up to see the difference in the layers:

  • The bottom left corner in the photo below was the top layer that had the sprays directly sprayed onto it, you can see the shimmer sitting on the surface.
  • The bottom right image was the back of the napkin, that had some water drips directly onto it.
  • The two top sections of the napkin in the picture have a more ethereal look as these were in the middle of our folded napkin.


Much like tissue paper, the napkin is very thin and fragile. To make it more durable, use a glue stick and apply the glue directly to a piece of cardstock, then lay the napkin over the top to adhere it to the card. You can now use it as a card base or die cut it for example.


These beautiful backgrounds are perfect as they are, but here are a few examples of what you can do with them.

Take an Art Foamie stamp and add some white paint to the stamp.


Stamp the paint onto the Batik background and then sprinkle Purely White embossing powder onto the wet paint and heat set, this will make the white image nice and bright white and also add a little more texture.


Cut out the stamped image and layer with a heart for a simple card.


For the second card, simply cut a strip of the background and adhere it to one side of the card base, add some stamping, a few splashes and some coordinating flowers. Easy Peasy!


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Thanks for dropping by and have a magical day xx


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