24 Ideas for a Beginners Mini-Album

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I’m a little sad to write this post, because this is my last work for the blog Lindy’s! I spent a wonderful two years on an amazing dream team! I Worked side by side with talented girls, charged with inspiration and got high from sprays, powders and Magicals.  It’s time to give way to new designers, to give the opportunity and their dreams come true!

Today I have prepared for you a collection of useful ideas for decorating pages in albums, making backgrounds for cards or creating projects in art-journal.


You can combine different ideas, use other color combinations and even come up with your own unusual solutions!

Some of these ideas have already been published on Lindy’s Instagram, and some will be shown for the first time!

I filmed a series of short video clips – one minute for each idea and combined them into three parts for easy viewing.

Part 1

Idea № 1. Spray+Stencil and Magical Shaker + White paint

Spray the stencil with a spray and apply it to the paper. Let the paint soak in. Mix white paint and Magicals and apply with a sponge through a stencil. Dry and glue the photo and decor.

Products: Yellow Rose of Texas Shimmer Spray, TiffanyLou Blue Shimmer Spray,  Yodeling Yellow Magical Shaker 

Idea №2. Silver medium + Magical Shaker and Spray + stencil

Mix the silvery medium and Magical Shaker and apply with a sponge using a stencil. Dry,  spray the spray on one side of a sheet of paper and let the drops drain down the sheet. Additionally, decorate the page with a stamp and contrast powder for embossing.


Idea № 3. White acrylic paint + Magical Shaker and texture paste + Magical Shaker

Add Magical Shaker to the white paint, mix and smear with a palette knife on the paper. Dry. Mix a different color of Magical Shaker with white paint and apply a palette knife through the stencil. Immediately sprinkle with glitter.


Idea №4. Resist-effect with Clear Embossing powder and spray

Make prints on the paper with a background stamp and a pad with transparent embossing glue. Sprinkle a clear powder and heat with the embossing gun/dryer. Spray and pat with a cloth or paper towel.

Products: Clearly Clear EP and C’est la vie Cerise Flat Spray


Idea №5. Sprays + Plastic Sheet

Spray the spray on the bag and Pat it on the paper. Dry and repeat with a different spray color. Light watercolor background is ready!

Products: Merci Beaucoup Mint Flat SpraySalt Water Taffy Shimmer Spray and Luscious Lime Flat Spray


Idea №6. Drops of spray and Embossing powder + Glitter

Use a brush to flick color on paper. Dry. Use a background stamp and embossing powder to make prints and patterns. Heat the powder until it has cooled, sprinkle with glitter. It should stick to the prints, in the same way you can decorate the chipboard.

Products: Grab a Guy Gold Shimmer Spray and Prima Donna Purple EP 


Idea №7. Spray + stencil

Apply the stencil to the paper, spray and blot.  Additionally, decorate the page with a stamp and contrast embossing powder.

Products: Bayou Boogie Gold Shimmer SprayHi Maintenance Magenta EP


Idea №8. Magical + White acrylic paint + acrylic stamp bloсk

Separately, mix several different Magicas with white paint and use a brush to randomly apply to an acrylic block. Make prints on paper. Dry. Glue on the photo and decorate the page.

Products: The Prairie Wildflower Magical Collection includes: Bells of Ireland Green, Peony Scarlet Red and Yellow Rose of Texas


Part 2

Idea № 9. Sprays + Tape

Stick tape strips on the paper and spray. Dry. Carefully remove the tape.

Products: Luscious Lime Flat Spray, California Poppy Gold Shimmer Spray, Chateau Rose Flat Spray


Idea 10. Draw strips with spray

Use a brush to draw strips with sprays. If you don’t want the colors to mix, dry before applying another color.

Products: Tweedle Dee Denim Flat Spray and Merci Beaucoup Mint Flat Spray


Idea №11. dark spray and light EP

To get a nice contrast page, spray a dark spray over the page and dry. Use the background stamp to apply a light shade of embossing powder. Heat with embossong gun/dryer.

Products: Tweedle Dee Denim Flat Spray and Merci Beaucoup Mint EP 


Idea 12. Draw with finger and Magical Shakers

Mix separately white paint and different colors of Magical Shakers. Make free-form prints on paper with the tip of your finger. Let the colors blend together. Dry.

Products: Yodeling Yellow ,Oom Pah Pah Pink , Bavarian Blue  


Idea 13.  Background with Magical Shakers

Cover with a sheet of paper with white primer (gesso) and let dry. Sprinkle the Magical powder from the Shakers and spray on top of the water. The colors will be interesting to mix with each other! Dry.

Products: Yodeling Yellow Magical Shaker , Oom Pah Pah Pink Magical Shaker, and  Bavarian Blue Magical Shaker 


Idea 14. One stamp and Three EP

Stamp designs and apply embossing powder, warm up and repeat for other colors. Use contrasting combinations or coordinating colors in close shades.


Idea 15.  Embossing powders + stencil

Attach the stencil to the paper and apply a clear embossing adhesive. Randomly sprinkle with Lindy’s embossing powder and heat . Repeat for other colors. Use contrasting combinations or coordinating close in color shades.

Products: Bavarian Blue EP, Guten Tag Teal EP and Poinsettia Red Green EP


Idea 16. Black background+2 Magical Shakers +texture paste

Paint the page with black paint and let dry. Apply a stencil and apply a white texture paste. Sprinkle two colors of Magical Shakers and smear with a palette knife. Remove the stencil and dry.

Products: Luminous Lemon EP, Yodeling Yellow Magical Shaker , Cuckoo Clock Cardinal Magical Shaker 



Part 3

 Idea 17. Abstract background with embossing powders

Paint the page with black paint, dry and apply a transparent adhesive for embossing. Randomly add two colors of powder. Heat. Apply the white texture paste through the stencil. dry and spray.

Products: Geranium Coral Blush EP, Orbit Olive Gold EP,  California Poppy Gold Shimmer Spray


Idea 18. Resist effect with two sprays

Use a neutral color of embossing powder and stamp to make prints on the paper. Spray two colors of spray.


Idea 19. Shakers+water

Apply the clear gel on the paper through a stencil. Dry. On a page, pour a little of the powder from the Magical Shakers and sprinkle with water. Dry.


 Idea 20. Background with colored stamps

Make prints with the help of stamps and waterproof ink. Pour a little spray on the palette and use a brush to paint the stamped images, also paint the background.


Idea 21. Application Magicals with a sponge

Mix the white paint with magical Shakers powders, apply the stencil to the paper and use the sponge to apply the paint randomly. Choose shades of Magical Shakers based on the colors that are in the photo.

Products: Magnolia Magenta Gold Magical Shaker ,  Bratwurst Brown Magical Shaker 


 Idea 22. Sprays plus salt

Cover with a sheet of paper with white primer and let dry completely. Spray with Lindy’s sprays and sprinkle with coarse salt. Dry and shake off the salt crystals. If necessary, add more color with spray.


Idea 23. The Ombre Effect with sprays

Paint the sheet with white paint and let dry. Spray with sprays, let the colors blend. Dry again.



Idea 24. Album cover decor

Cover the album cover with two layers of transparent medium.  Spray it and let the color blend, add water if necessary. Dry. Add images and impressions with stamps.  Apply texture paste through a stencil, let it dry and touch up the color using sprays. Cover chipboard with embossing powders and glue onto the cover. Decorate with acrylic stones. Add drops with white paint.



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Let the creativity brings you joy!!!

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