Pine Tree Decor with Olga Ravenskaya

Hi gorgeous Lindy’s friends!

It’s Olga Ravenskaya here and I’d like to share today Pine Tree decor project using Lindy’s Sprays, Magicals and Embossing Powders.

I’ve made this tree as a gift for my friend and colleague who is crazy about squirrels and collecting all the things with them. Hope it will be a surprise for her.

I’d like to make it in a warm color pallette – so I’ve picked shades of green, brown, grey and red and white for a contrast.

Firstly I covered a MDF base, chippies and metal flower all with white gesso.

I was planning to use die-cuts in my project. I’ll show you the easiest way to make it perfectly matching to the whole work.

Take a sheet of watercolor paper, fix it on the table with washi tape and just spray over the surface using the colors of your project. I used Whale Watch Blue, Greased Lightnin’ Green, Incandescent Copper and Tawny Turquoise spray mixing them with each other.

Then using a brush I sprinkled over the surface Silent Night Silver, Frolic in the Forest Green and Frosty Forest Green magicals to add extra shimmer in places. Leave it to dry in a natural way.

Coming back to the tree – I stamped it and embossed using snowflakes stamps and Purely White Embossing Powder to create a resist effect.

Then I partially added a white texture paste through the stencil.

While the paste had been drying I altered the chipboard for the project. I used Purely White EP for snowflakes, Terra Cotta Rust for a star and Midnight Teal with Twilight Jade Slate for strings.

Look closer at the embossed string – how gorgeous Midnight Teal and Twilight Jade Slate powders act with each other. I like to mix two and more colors in one piece – it always looks more interesting in the project.

Meanwhile, the sheet of watercolor paper dried and I cut out different kind of branches using die-cuts.

I wanted to make them a bit snowy so I dabbed only the edges with an embossing liquid and sprinkled over Purely White EP.

To imitate berries on the branch I used Terra Cotta Rust powder applying it over white glue.

You can see on the photo below – both brunches turned out very natural.

So the chippies and die-cuts for the project are ready and I can color the tree.

At this time I applied sprays with a thin brush to have more control when mixing colors. I began from the top applying  Whale Watch Blue, Greased Lightnin’ Green, Incandescent Copper and I’m Late, I’m Late Slate Sprays drop by drop.

I intensified colors at the bottom mainly using Greased Lightnin’ Green and Incandescent Copper Sprays. It’s a real magic to see how the colors flow and add each other.

A little tip: use a very thin brush for making small drops to save the shades of colors and not to mix them in one.

While they were wet I added magicals with a fan brush for beautiful and deep shimmer splashes – just sprinkled on the wet spots.

You can see below how the whole surface turned out more interesting, sparkling and bright. Absolutely in love with that shimmer effect!

Stamp onto the tree a little using water-resistant black ink.

Then I decided I wanted to make the snowflakes look more a part of the whole project (not so separate).

So I went on over the tree with a soft gloss gel using a brush and sprinkled over a little Purely White powder.

Removed excesses of the powder and warmed with a heat gun.

Now it’s much better to my mind.

I’ll also show you the back side of the tree. It will be visible so it should be beautiful too!

And what an amazing thing – I made the same steps, used the same Lindy’s products but the result is different! That’s why I love Lindy’s – your work will never be the same, every time it will be unique!

Next step I arranged and glued all the embellishments and added art stones.

To match them perfectly I mixed magicals with a drop of water and tinted the frame, leaves, cones and art stones.

As a final step, I added sequins and glass beads.


And some close-ups as a little inspiration…

Lindy’s Products

Other products

  • Liquitex White Gesso, Finnabair Soft Gloss Gel, Woodouts mdf base, Scrapiniec chipboard, Rukodelushka leaves, Finnabair metal embellishments, stencil and art stones, Prima Marketing frame, Ciao Bella paper.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post!

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy crafting,



Mixed media artist and educator from the beautiful city Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Totally addicted to the colorful world of Lindy's. YouTube: Olga Ravenskaya/Instagram: @olga.ravenskaya

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  1. Jew dropping awesomeness and super techniques, I am taking notes !! hearts in eyes !

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