Lindy’s Technique: How to Create Amazing Gems using Lindy’s Embossing Powders with Anat

Hello, dear Lindy’s friends!

Anat here with you today to share my first ever video tutorial for Lindy’s – Yay!

This video is a very special Lindy’s technique and I can’t wait to show you how to create these amazing Gems using Lindy’s Embossing Powders.

In this tutorial I’m showing how to make the amazing gems I used in the project below, made for Lindy’s January Challenge.

Lindy’s embossing powders are two-toned powders and that’s what gives the gems the unique Chameleon Bright and Shimmering look.

Some of Lindy’s EP are transparent so if you use one on top of the other like I did, you get more tones and you still can see underneath.
You can see in the next photo the gems not only have the tones attributed by the embossing powder but they also reflect the grungy colors of the spray on the project.

This gives us the chance to make a bunch of gems in advance and use the same Gems in different project styles.

Basic Process:

  1. What you need is a good embossing pad or dabber, some pebbles and at least two of Lindy’s Embossing Powders.
  2. Dab the back of the pebble with embossing ink
  3.  Sprinkle Lindy’s embossing powder over the ink and heat

Watch the whole process in this video:


Lindy’s Products

As promised in the video here’s a list of the best EPs for this technique:

Hope you’ve enjoyed my video tutorial.

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7 thoughts on “Lindy’s Technique: How to Create Amazing Gems using Lindy’s Embossing Powders with Anat

  1. Great idea. Thanks for sharing your creativity. I am also wondering where we can purchase the gems. All I have been able to find have adhesive flat backs on them and it looks like you put the embossing powder up in the concave surface of the gem.

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