Lindy’s Colored Altered Bottle with Viktoriya

Hi, my dear friends! Today it’s Viktoriya with you and I would like to share how I turn an ordinary green bottle into something extraordinary and unique, using the gorgeous Lindy’s products help me to do it!

You can follow this Step-by-step tutorial to make one of your own and it’s not difficult at all!

First, apply white gesso to a bottle with a sponge to create a light texture.


Then add spray, play with them one by one and see how the colors look.


Once dry, add more color if you wish

Dry thoroughly and add texture paste with sand through a stencil.

Now it’s time for embossing powders – use embossed dabber and different golden tones of powders – lightly on the textured surface, texturing paste, sides of the bottle etc.

I made a frame and some other details with clay and molds  Then I applied a gesso layer on top of the frame and molds, to get better colors and then glue the title paper to the frame with clear varnish.

Color frame details with sprays and a brush.

Dissolve magical powder into water and place ribbon strips into the liquid for some hours – this will dye the ribbon.

Add crystal beads with clear medium and add a little Lindy’s spray using a brush to color it.

Let’s it dry, tie a bow on the bottle add cameo and some color and golden highlights as the finishing touches.

The unique bottle is ready!

Some details and tones – so yummy!

Lindy’s Products:

Other Products: Glass bottle, frame, molds

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