Lindy’s Artists Survival Kit with Nuneka

Hi there, gang!
When I was preparing my application for Lindy’s I thought to myself “what are the supplies you cannot live without?”… and the answer came so easy to me: I need my Lindy’s. All of them! Obviously, I could not take all my Lindy’s with me in case of emergency, if the aliens come to take me or if it’s the end of the world, but it is good to have ready aa Artist Survival Kit with Sprays, Magicals, Magical Shakers and Embossing Powders. Just in case, you know……

So here I am with this altered suitcase which is steampunk outside, full of small pieces cut individually and rust embellishments.

To make the external part of the suitcase this is the basic process:
1. Emboss some scrap papers with an embossing folder and cut all the pieces individually.
2. Wrap some cardboard pieces with the embossed papers too for the top part.
3. Cover all the suitcase with the paper pieces and protect them with clear gesso.
4. Grab your favorite Lindy’s Sprays colors and create some magic. I first added a purple in the base which gave me some nice reflections and then applied blue and black.
5. Highlight the embossed parts with wax.
6. Prepare your embellishments covering them with black gesso and applying Lindy’s Copper Spray if you want a rusty look.
7. Glue the embellishments and highlight with waxes.

Lindy’s means a colorful explosion to me. So the surprise factor must be there when you open the Survival Kit and you find something completely different and unexpected. Nothing steampunk or rusty, but rainbowish and showy.

To make the inside part of the suitcase this is the basic process:
1. Cover everything with white gesso.
2. Add two cardboard pieces for the tray to rest.
3. Apply texture paste in the walls and bottom.
4. Grab your favorite Lindy’s Sprays colors and create a showy rainbow effect.
5. Apply texture paste on the top part and add Lindy’s Embossing Powders, then dry.
6. Use your favorite combination of Lindy’s Magicals and Shakers to continue the rainbow with a brighter effect.
7. Cover some chipboards with Lindy’s White Embossing Powder to create contrast against the background.
8. Use some cardboard pieces to create a tray from scratch and cover it with watercolor paper.
9. Apply Lindy’s Magicals directly on the watercolor paper, dry and doodle to embellish.

You can watch the full process on this video tutorial and have a better idea of how Lindy’s look on clear gesso, black gesso, white gesso and watercolor paper.

Lindy’s Products:

Other products:

Transparent, black and white gesso  –  Gel medium and modeling paste  –  Scrapbooking paper  –  3D Texture Folder, Foundry  –  Metallique Waxes  –  Metallic gears and Chipboards  –  Stencils  –  Ink par for embossing

I hope you’ve liked the Survival Kit and that you are making plans to create your own.
See you very soon guys!

Nuneka Box

My name is Nuneka, I'm from Spain and I'm one of the Lindy's Educators.

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