8 Techniques using NEW Metallic Magical Shakers with Asia

Hello everyone:) For today’s post I decided to make something I have never done before, I wanted to make a post showing all the ways I know, how to use the newly released Metallic Magical Shakers. There are quite a lot of things you can do with them and I hope you’ll find a new favorite technique here.

I made for you a video showing all the different ways I use with Metallic Shakers. There are some well-known techniques but also some others I worked on myself. I would like for you to share with me and other Lindy’s fans all the things I don’t know or I forgot to mention in this tutorial. Remember- sharing is caring! I hope the new Metallic Magical Shakers will charm you like they charmed me, they are truly beautiful and shiny and metallic, just perfect for creating some magic!

Here are some photos with names of the techniques I used (the names are either well-known and publicly accepted or invented by me and not necessarily correct, lol!)

1. Sprinkling on wet paper

Just sprinkle the powder over wet or dry paper (canvas, stencil, etc) and then spray it with a little bit more water so the powders have the chance to get dissolved properly. I also love leaving some of the powder undissolved on the paper, you’ll get more yummy texture that way! The colour you’ll achieve this way will be uneven, with small stains of other colours thanks to different coloured pigments which are mixed in the Shaker. I love this small surprises!

2.Diluting the powder in water

Put some powder on the craft mat or pallet, add to it some water and mix very well to dissolve the powder completely. Apply to your project. With this technique, you’ll get even color, exactly what is advertised on the box.

3. Rubbing the metallic powder onto black paper and paper covered in crackle paste

One of my favourite techniques and oh so effective! For Metallic Magical Shakers you’ll get the best effects while rubbing the powders onto black paper, you’ll get more contrast that way. Just prepare a baby wipe on the side to clean your finger if applying a few different colors and just rub them on the paper and the dry crackle paste (here I used Crackle Accents). The powder loves to get in between the crackles and that way it accentuates them beautifully!

4. Adding the color to the glass pebbles

Of course, you can’t add color to glass pebbles simply by painting them with brush, but a good glue can help a  lot in this case. I used here mat gel, added a thin layer of it to the stone and then added the metallic powder with my finger. Let it dry;

5. Metallic watercolors

Why not?! The Shakers work beautifully when used as watercolors, just add them with a brush to a wet paper and dry. Repeat the process if needed to add more color.

6. Painting on chipboard

I love embossing powder but I am a messy embosser (if that’s even a word), so here is an alternative which can serve you well when you are in a hurry or don’t fancy cleaning the powder from the table and the floor and other places. Just dissolve some powder and apply it to the chipboard with a brush, do not use too much water in order not to break the chipboard. If you want to paint over MDF, try adding a layer of gesso first.

7. Adding color to metal castings and making them look old and rusty

Firstly I added to the castings a thin layer of mat gel. Yes, I could have applied gesso instead,  but I really wanted to get the textured surface firstly by adding some metallic powder with a brush and then, while the glue was still wet, I sprinkled on top of it a tiny amount of powder. This powder did not dissolve completely and thanks to that I got a gorgeous, old and rusty looking effect.

8. Creating your own texture/ modeling pastes

Simply choose your paste and add to it a bit of powder, mix well. Funny enough, my Metallic Shakers changed a little their color, maybe it was because of the paste I used, but I got more pastels colors than metallic. However before writing this post I made a quick trial with different modeling paste and I added a little bit more of Metallic Magical Shaker and the color got stronger and have nice, metallic shine. So it seems that everything depends on proportions.

And this is the effect I achieved with different modeling paste while adding a little bit more of the metallic powder, the color is there even though there is definitely less shine. Still, I love it! It looks golden and rusty to me.

Link to my video:

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