Starburst Squirts Backgrounds with Martina

Hello Everyone! Martina aka Frau Pony back again with a fun and easy technique for creating wonderful backgrounds. This technique is not only for backgrounds for cards, but it also works on various other projects!


I just got my hands on the brand new Starburts Squirts and couldn’t wait to play with them!

Since I usually work with paper, my first project had to be paper-ish 🙂

To keep the “risk” with new materials as limited as possible, I created some backgrounds for cards. And – of course, I had to give the pink (Canadian Bacon Blush) and the teal (Loonie Toonie Teal) colors a try at first.

Februar 1

I started by spreading some texture paste through a stencil

februar 2

and let this completely dry.

februar 3

And then – the fun part can begin!

I sprayed some water on the paper and dripped some Canadian Bacon Blush squirt directly onto the wet surface. I started moving the color around with slight moves of the paper and added more color until I liked the result. I have set this aside and started my next background.

februar 4

On my second background, I have also sprayed some water as a first step. I added some drops of Loonie Toonie Teal and started to move the color around with a brush. Of course, I also added more color on this backgroud – just until I liked it.

februar 5

While the two main backgrounds were set aside to dry, I grabbed a tag which had some leftover texture paint on it that I just smooshed on there.

I added some of the Bannf Blue onto the bottom of the tag and let the color run to the top of it. It was a really fun and interesting process, to watch the color finding its way through these little texture paste mountains and valleys.

februar 6

To finish my cards, I have glued the backgrounds to card bases and added some embellishments. The tag also received a handmade tassel to give it something a little extra 🙂

februar 7

Can you see the wonderful purple shimmer that comes with Loonie Toonie Teal?

februar 8

Isn’t this an absolutely stunning, vibrant blue?

februar 10

And – I have to admit… Canadian Bacon Blush seems to be my favorite!  I just love it!

februar 9

I hope you are inspired to grab some Starburst Squirts and start your own journey with them!

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