Squirts Paint Pouring with Caroline

Hi lovely gang!

Caroline here with you today to show you some fun I had with the NEW squirts! When Tracey told us about those new little jewels, I immediately thought about pour painting! I wanted to try for a long time and this was the occasion!

I made some mistakes, it was my first time attempting at pouring! But finally, I found a nice recipe that worked well for me. I used Banff blue and Loonie toonie teal for this demo. I’ve also made another canvas with Polite people purple, Canadian bacon blush and Oh Canada crimson (the names of this squirts are so funny! This Canadian girl here is laughing out loud!)

IMG_0960 (1)

Ok, let’s start! First, I used only water, acrylic paint and squirts. My other attempts with pouring medium were just disappointing. Add water in your white paint and mix with a stick until you have a smooth and liquid paint that will drip from your stick.

IMG_0961 (1)

For the colors, instead of using water to dilute my white paint, I used squirts. They are water based so it liquifies and mixes well with acrylic paint. Add enough to get the same texture as the white you previously made.

IMG_0962 (1)

You can see here Banff blue and Loonie toonie teal once mixed.

IMG_0963 (1)

I covered all my canvas with white first, on a level work surface.

IMG_0964 (1)

Then I added the paint colored with the fabulous squirts one at a time.

IMG_0965 (1)IMG_0966 (1)

Now it’s time to move your piece back and forward to make the colors pour together.

IMG_0967 (1)

Re add white over big colored surface to mix them more.

IMG_0968 (1)

Continue moving your piece until you love the result.

IMG_0969 (1)

In my first attempts, I skipped this step and as I said my canvas was not looking great so I bought a little torch for kitchen cooking.

IMG_0970 (1)

I heated gently my surface to make all the air bubbles disappear. Don’t heat too much or to close, you don’t want to cook your paint!

IMG_0971 (1)

Let dry on a level surface, this is SUPER IMPORTANT! If the canvas is not level, colors will blend all together and you won’t have a great result.

IMG_0972 (1)

Here’s the final piece looks once dry!

IMG_0958 (1)

And here’s the second one I made with Polite people purple, Canadian bacon blush and Oh Canada crimson. I used the exact same technique but I added just a bit more water to my white.

IMG_0957 (1)

I have now 2 wonderful backgrounds to start creating or maybe I will frame them as they are! They are so beautiful just like this!

Thank you for your visit and I hope you’ve liked this technique using the new squirts!

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  • Water, acrylic white paint by liquitex, torch, canvas.

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