Silk Spring Birds Brooches by Viktoriya

Hi, my dear friends! Viktoriya Porechaya here on the Lindy’s blog. I like accessories and embellishments very much and I love brooches, of course!  So I would like to share with you how I made some colorful Spring Birds brooches colored with some of the amazing Magiclals from Lindy’s Gang!

There is video tutorial for you to make it easy.

First, I painted and colored different birds on watercolor card with dissolved Magicals – they are so beautiful and bright!  I did this so I could see what color combinations I liked most and how the colors mix with each other.

(Who else wants a tutorial on how Viktoriya painted those birds – we do we do) the Lindy’s girls oxoxo

Then I choose my favorite colors and cut them out, drawing their shape silhouettes onto silk fabric which I then cut out (leave a little extra room around the edges when cutting) so you can sew and fill with soft filler.

And then I colored my silk Birds the same way as my paper birds – with Magicals!  Don’t the Magical colors look amazing on the fabric!!!

Finally, I added some beads and fasteners and my special Spring Birds brooches are ready to fly!


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