Bright Textured Tags Using Squirts with Daria Schukina

Hello everyone! Today I want to show you how I made these beautiful tags using Lindy’s Squirts. Squirts are very bright and when you saturate your background with them, it turns out just gorgeous!

I prepared the materials and the basics for the tags.

Prime the tag bases with white gesso.

Create a background with the help of negatives from chipboard.

Stack and glue the composition.

Once again, prime all the elements with gesso. Next, I applied the first Buccaneer Bay Blue Vintage Spray to one the tag as the base color, and then on the second tag, I added Bucket O’Blood Red Vintage Spray.

Now to enhance the color of the red tag, I added the following colors: Squirts Oh Canada crimson,

then I added – Hag’s Wart Orange Shimmer Spray,

and finally – Incandescent Copper Vintage Spray and Squirts Poutine Gold.

Moving on to the second blue tag, I applied the following: Tibetan Poppy Teal Shimmer Spray,

then  – Squirts Polite People Purple,

a little – Incandescent Copper Vintage Spray,

and finally Squirts Loonie toonie teal.

In the next step, I tinted the entire surface with white gesso using a dry brush several times.  I wanted to highlight and emphasize the texture and shapes.

Next for the blue tag, I mixed Soft Gloss Gel with magical shaker Glittering Gold. It turns out a thick golden yellow paint color.

With this, I tinted the entire tag, in the same way as the gesso – make sure you are using a dry brush and just add a very little at a time.

For the red tag, add a little Antique Gold color.

And on top again I added the Glittering Gold.

Now everything is ready!

Lindy’s Products:

Other products:

  • Finnabair Heavy Gesso white, Soft Gloss Gel, chipboard Scrapiniec, metal decorations.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post! Thank you for stopping by! Happy crafting, Daria.

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