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Nuneka here with a new project, this time a challenge to myself: I wanted to use only one set of Shimmery Magicals to see if they work so well together and combine as beautiful as they do on the displayed image. And you know what… of course they do!! It has been an enriching experience, it was like if each color was meant to be for a purpose on my project.

If you know me a bit, then you already know I always like to make my embellishments look a little different. Let’s say that I add my touch to make them more special. That’s what makes the difference.

To prepare the embellishments this is the basic process

  • Decide where you want the adornments and the chains and mark them on the layout paper.
  • Cover all the metallic embellishments with black gesso and dry.
  • Add color with Cowabunga Copper and Bodacious Blush Magicals, and dry. You’ll get a wonderful metallic look.

  • Change the flowers colors, cover the gold with a copper tone to make them match with the overall look. Use embossing ink and Lindy’s Embossing Powder Cleopatra’s Copper. (Accidentally my glass of water fell and wet the powders and most of the things I had on my table, so I used acrylic paint instead. But you’ll get the most perfect results with Lindy’s embossing powders).
  • Cut some dies in watercolor paper and use Gag Me with a Spoon Gray Magical to give them a dreamy look.


  • Make some stars with clay and silicone molds, let them dry, add a coat of white gesso and paint them with Midnight Rendevouz Magical.
  • Put some art stones in a bowl, sprinkle with Gag Me with a Spoon Gray Magical and dry them carefully. You’ll get incredible realistic mini rocks.

To make the layout this is the basic process

  • Protect your paper with clear gesso and stick it to 2mm cardboard (so it won’t bend when you start working with mediums).
  • Add some texture paste and stencils to add interest to the areas where you are going to place the elements. In this case, I used hearts for the bigger areas and strips for the background of the chains. This step is very important because the Magicals will get “trapped” there creating beautiful patterns.
  • Sprinkle Gag Me with a Spoon Gray and Midnight Rendevouz Magicals, always the darkest tone in the center and the other around to create beautiful shadows. Spray water and dry.

  • Glue the chains and metallic embellishments.
  • Add a little stamping around the elements to create interest.
  • Mix a little amount of Pretty in Pink Pink Magical with some water drops and make splatters around the chains.
  • Glue the focal element (photo), flowers, dies, stars and stones creating a harmonious composition.
  • Make splatters with white acrylic and ink the layout edges with black ink.

You can watch the full tutorial on Lindy’s YouTube channel

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Other products:

  • Gesso (clear, black and white), metallic wax, art stones, paper flowers, texture paste, black ink, glue.

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My name is Nuneka, I'm from Spain and I'm one of the Lindy's Educators.

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