Painting Board using Squirts with Frau Pony

Hej Everyone!

Martina (aka Frau Pony) here today with a spring-ish painting board using the wonderful new Lindy’s Starburst Squirts.


To start I have created some texture on my painting bord, by using some texture paste through a stencil.


After the paste was totally dry, I sprayed some water onto the painting board.


and then I started to add some color to it.  I added some drops of the Canadian Bacon Blush,


which I’ve let flow through the texture paste.


As a second colour, I added some Polite People Purple just in the same was as I did with the Canadian Bacon Blush.


To get a bit more depth and interest, I have added some Oh Canada Crimson and some more drops of the Canadian Bacon Blush.


I started to move the colors around by just tapping onto the puddles with a paintbrush.


Tilt the canvas a bit and repeat this until you have a nice coverage of the painting board.


To add some more sparkle and shine, I added drops of Poutine Gold onto the dried painting board.


and sprayed directly with some water.
At this point, I have set the painting board aside, to let it totally dry.


To add some extra shimmer on top of the background, I added some Tacky when Dry Paste through a stencil, let this totally dry and attached some foil details to it.


The decoration came together super quick and easy. I have added some Ito-Yarn and die cut and fussy cut flowers from an Alexandra Renke paper.


Lindy’s Products


  • Stencils & Papers: Alexandra Renke, Tacky when Dry Paste: The Crafters Workshop and Yarn: ITO

I hope you enjoyed this colorful process and are inspired to get creative!



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