Boho Style Frame with Olga Ravenskaya

Hi gorgeous friends!

It’s Olga Ravenskaya here with my new project using Lindy’s Sprays, Magicals, Squirts and Powders.

I’ve created boho style frame with a charming photo of my friend’s daughter on her wedding day. It was a sunny spring day, all the trees in the garden were decorated with dream catchers and ribbons, so I’ve tried to express in my work a feeling of youth, beauty and love.

As usual, I began with a choice of color combo – pinks and greens were a perfect match for my idea. Later I added a beautiful yellow and pale lilac as complementary colors.

The frame was originally of a dull brown color and I wanted to make it softer, more attractive, by adding shades of green.

To start, I needed to make a base for further coloring, so I mixed Antique Gold and Antique Bronze Shakers with white gesso to get a light-beige base.

Cover all the frame and let it dry in a natural way.

Then I grabbed tree colors of Squirts – Emerald Eh?! , Maple Syrup Bronze and Beaver Tail Brown – for painting the frame.

I added colors using brushes and mixing colors with each other.

Here is a result after applying the second layer of Squirts – I’m totally satisfied! The color of the frame turned out soft, luxurious and with beautiful color transitions.

While it was drying I altered metal leaves with embossing powders. Firstly I applied partially Byzantine Bronze EP and then added Ghouly Goblin Green.

Look at the pick below – now the leaves perfectly match the frame!

I also added the same powders to the edges of the frame – to add more texture and shimmer.

It’s so difficult to catch this effect by a camera, but if you look closely you can see how melted powders highlight the edges of the frame!

To continue I attached several strips of different lace and ribbons.

The girl on my photo is so young and beautiful – I wanted just to highlight this feeling with splashes of color.

So I randomly tinted lace with Chateau Rose, Salt Water Taffy and Luminous Sprays just spraying from the bottles on the upper side.

For the bottom, I used Luscious Lime and my favorite green – Edelweiss Moss Green.

Little tip: firstly slightly moisturize the lace and ribbons with water to achieve beautiful splashes of colors.

To create a contrast I covered all the chippies with pale-colored powders – Pop Rock Purple, Chateau Rose, Oom Pah Pah Pink and Purely White.

At the very end, after gluing all the elements, I tinted flowers, art stones, a small bird and a narrow silk ribbon with Edelweiss Moss Green, Salt Water Taffy and Luminous Lemon Sprays.


Let me show you some close-ups as a little inspiration.

Lindy’s Products

Other Products: Liquitex White Gesso, Scrapiniec chipboard, 49 and Market flowers, lace, silk ribbons, art stones, sequins.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post!

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Mixed media artist and educator from the beautiful city Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Totally addicted to the colorful world of Lindy's. YouTube: Olga Ravenskaya/Instagram: @olga.ravenskaya

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  1. Ohhh! Thanks a million! So happy to hear such a lovely comment! Thank you!!!

  2. MUMMA MIA- THIS is absolutely GORGEOUS, i love how you have used the frame & thelace and and and EVERYTHING, I LOVE IT ALllllllllllllllllll <3 <3

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