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Hello Lindy’s fans! Junk Journalling is massive in the crafting community and Lindy’s products are perfect for all your junk journalling needs, whether you are using Lindy’s to give your pages that aged look or adding some gorgeous watercolor accents, Lindy’s can help with it all….including faux wax seals!! AND…the beauty of these seals is, you can make a bunch in advance and use them as you need them, they are alot more robust than a regular wax seal too. For this project you don’t even need the metal wax stamps, you can use your regular stamps, or some metal gears for example and you can make them in about a billion different colors…well at least with every Lindy’s embossing powder you own. You will also need a hot glue gun, so grab your favorite Lindy’s Embossing Powders and lets get started.


To begin, I have fashioned some ‘wax seal stamps’ from metal gear charms using the lid from one of my Lindy’s spray bottles and a piece of double sided tape and I have also added a rubber stamp in the same way to another spray bottle lid.8320130_2852983291097645056_n

Heat up your hot glue gun and squeeze a small dollop of hot glue onto a piece of baking paper, it might take you a time or two to figure out how much glue you need for the size of ‘stamps’ you are using. Once you have the small dollop of glue on the baking paper, take your heat tool and blow it directly down on top of the glue, this will flatten the glue a little.


Quickly take your chosen embossing powder, I am using  Hyacinth Blue Jade and completely cover the glue, making sure you have covered the sides as well as the top. Shake off the excess powder and return to the jar.


Take your heat tool again and melt the embossing powder, make sure you are not too close to the glue.


Once the embossing powder has completely melted, take your ‘stamp’ and gently press into the glue being mindful not to push the stamp all the way down, we just want to leave an impression.


Leave the stamp on the glue and wait a minute or 2 before removing, this will allow the glue to start to set and the impression will remain crisp.


After a moment, remove the stamp and you will have an awesome looking faux wax seal!! Leave the seal on the baking paper to cool completely. Once cooled you can peel off and store until you want to use it. To attach it to your envelope you can just use a small amount of hot glue on the back of the seal.


To use the ‘metal gear stamp’ the procedure is exactly the same, making sure to leave the stamp in place for a few moments before lifting from the seal…2(1)

….soooo cool, This one was created with Midnight Ruby Embossing Powder. I cannot tell you how much I love creating these.


You can color coordinate them to ANY project… and then…


…you can even punch a hole in them when they are cool and use them like a charm!!!!! Ahhhhh, these just make me happy!!! I hope you will have a go at making some too.



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  1. Wow! These are wonderful. What a great technique. I would never have thought of using embossing powder like this, but I’m definitely going to give it a try. Thank you for you inspiration!!

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