DIY Home Decor Happy Place with Lindy’s by Viktoriya

Hi, dear friends! I am Viktoriya Porechnaya and I am here on the Lindy’s blog today with an idea about DIY decor for your home. Cute houses for cozy home where happiness lives!

I used wooden blocks and some Lindy’s Squirts for this cute project.

Video tutorial helps you make it easy!

Basic Process:

  1. Apply different Squirts to wooden blocks with a brush. I chose Loonie Toonie Teal, Banff Blue and Beaver Tail Brown Squirts. Repeat it twice if you need darker color.
  2. Paint the thick branch with Hockey Pack Black Squirts
  3. Color sides with acrylic paint
  4. Draw windows and doors with white and brown acrylic paints
  5. Apply white gesso on details-cats, bird cage, bricks and embossed them with Lindy’s EP. I used  Purely White, King Midas Gold and Cafe au Lait Embossing Powders
  6. Tone numbers with Aged Cooper Shaker
  7. Tone sides of houses and a branch base with white acrylic paint
  8. Glue all these details onto the houses and glue them to the branch. Then adhere to the wooden frame – I toned it with Stormy Silver Shaker,
  9. Add sisal and title to complete the project.

Some close-ups

I have white cat, so white cat lives in house #7)

Gold cage and aged copper bricks are on the blue house #1

Beige cat lives in house #5

Lindy’s Products:

Other products: wooden blocks, branch, acrylic paints

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