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Hello everyone!

Nuneka here again with a very easy project today: a bookmark made of a t-shirt tag. Recently I bought some cool clothes which came with huge beautiful tags that people use as bookmarks. In one side they have a little description of the t-shirt design or a short explanation about what inspired the designer to create it, the other side is just the brand logo… and I thought why not to do something on that side!? So I grabbed some few things and my Lindy’s Magical Shakers and started to have fun.

Basic process

  • I covered one side of the tag with gesso
  • Then I added a geometric pattern with texture paste and a stencil, to create an interesting background
  • I covered the chipboard clock with gesso and added crackle paste on top, and also a bit on the tag too
  • I dried everything well and glued the clock on the tag

  • I sprinkled Time Travel Teal Magical Shaker in the edges of the tag, Bavarian Blue in the center, and Magnolia Magenta Gold here and there; then I sprayed water and dried to fix the colors
  • I sprayed water again and added Frozen Jack Frost to make some areas look lighter
  • To create the northern light effect, I sprinkled just a tiny bit of Yodeling Yellow before drying again
  • Then I added a little more of the blues to darken some areas, sprayed water again to make everything blend and I dried
  • I used Bavarian Blue and Stormy Sky Magical Shakers to color the clock: I mixed the powders with a little water in my mat and used a paintbrush to go around the clock very gently.

  • I glued some flowers in the center of the tag
  • Then I covered some metallic embellishments with gesso and glued them on too
  • I glued art stones to make everything look like one and only cluster
  • When everything was dry, I sprinkled Time Travel Teal, Bavarian Blue and Magnolia Magenta Gold on top of the art stones
  • I let the colors go into the flowers a little, and added some more yellow to make the center more powerful, the dried everything well

  • I used metallic waxes to highlight the embellishments and the stones
  • I dyed the cord of the tag with Time Travel Teal, Yodeling Yellow and Magnolia Magenta Gold
  • Then I made splatters with white acrylic ink
  • Finally, I glued a sentiment and a couple of butterflies

You can watch the full process on Lindy’s YouTube channel:

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Other products

  • gesso, gel medium, texture paste, stencil, art stones, metallic waxes, flowers, metallic embellishments


See you very soon, guys!

Nuneka Box

My name is Nuneka, I'm from Spain and I'm one of the Lindy's Educators.

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