Mixed Media Fimo Houses with Yulianna

Hello Gang! Yulianna Efremova here and I’m so excited to be here with another great project as a Lindy’s Ambassador.

For this month’s project, I’m going to show you how to make a Mixed Media Fimo House set perfect for your home decor, hang them, frame them or sit them on a shelf – they look amazing any way you use them.  I’ve colored this project with Starburst spray from Lindy’s, using color Silent Night Silver to add color to my Houses. You could create a similar piece with your favorite colors or theme.

I wanted to make it easy for you to make something like this yourself, so I’ve filmed a video so you can see just what to do to make this at home.


1. Start with Fimo (self-verifying plastic)
2. Roll it with a rolling pin
3. Take several house stamps and stamp onto the Fimo
4. Cut off excess plastic around the house shapes
5. Spray with Silent Night Silver
6. Highlight the protruding parts with black primer.
7. Added glass jewelry on the rings
8. Done!





Lindy’s Products

Other Products

  • FIMO self-confirming plastic, stationery knife, pliers, rings, glass ornaments.

I hope you have enjoyed these Fimo Houses.

One thought on “Mixed Media Fimo Houses with Yulianna”

  1. What house stamps did you use? AND, did you have to bake the FIMO? Do you think that air-dry clay would work just as well??? Thanks for any information you can share!!!

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