Triangular Vintage Mixed Media Canvas with Preeti D.

Hi friends! Preeti Datta (Dutt Preety) here, I hope you are having a great week.

For today’s Lindy’s Blog post, I’ve created a Triangular Vintage Mixed Media Canvas. Working on a Triangle shaped canvas was exciting and challenging for me because it is a new & funky shape. I wanted to create a vintage piece that looked like it was lost in the forest with moss growing on it. The idea was to make a balanced & layered composition which had a lot of depth & texture using some cool steampunk elements.

I’ve used Lindy’s gorgeous Starburst Squirts, Embossing Powders & Sprays.  Canvases are always fun to create and make for great gifts and home decor pieces.

Basic Process

Step 1: Apply a coat of Heavy White Gesso to the triangular canvas

Step 2:  To create background texture, apply White Crackle Texture Paste through a couple of stencils onto the canvas. Let the paste air dry to get the best crackles.

Step 3: Add the first layer of colours using Lindy’s gorgeous Starburst Squirts Poutine Gold & Maple Syrup Bronze and Bells of Ireland Green Shimmer Spray. Spray with water to create movement and then dry it.

Step 4: Heat emboss some cool steampunk design chipboards using Lindy’s beautiful Embossing Powders- Bratwurst Brown EP, Cuckoo Clock Cardinal EP & Bavarian Blue EP. In this step, we don’t need to be too precise with full coverage of these elements by the embossing powders because later on, we will apply white gesso to parts of them and create an old, vintage, worn out look, so that some of the shine from the heat embossing shows through along with the grungy look.

Step 5: Next, layer and adhere the elements (gauze, embossed chipboards, Spanish moss and art stones) onto the canvas using Matte Gel.

Step 6: This is what the composition looks like once everything is glued down.

Step 7: Next, we apply heavy white gesso to parts of the elements, to tone down the bright colours, so that they can be coloured in the next step. We only want a slight red and blue peeking through at the end.

Step 8: Now apply colours and create depth using Lindy’s gorgeous Starburst Squirts-Maple Syrup Bronze, Hockey Puck Black, Oh Canada Crimson, Poutine Gold, Emerald Eh?! & Beaver Tail Brown and Burnt Umber Vintage Spray. Spray with water to create movement & ensure that dark colours reach into the nooks, crannies & recesses. While the canvas is still wet, I sprinkle on Lindy’s Terra Cotta Plum Embossing Powder onto some of the elements & heat emboss it to give a textured look.

Step 9: Once the canvas is completely dry, dry brush it several times with Heavy White Gesso. This will bring back the white space, highlight the textures & relief surfaces, tone everything down to a more vintage look, blend everything together and make the depth created in the last step, more visible. Using a flat, dry, soft brush take very little gesso at a time and using a light, flicking motion, highlight the canvas. Dry the canvas with a heat tool and repeat the process several times until the desired effect is achieved. Since the Starburst Squirts and sprays used are water reactive, the Gesso won’t remain stark white but will take on a creamy colour, in this case that is desirable as it helps the canvas look old and vintage.

Step 10: Next, apply some metallic waxes to highlight the textures and add shine, also define the edges of the canvas with the waxes.

Step 11: Next, we colour a typo bulb to match the canvas. It’s super easy! apply a few drops of Lindy’s beautiful Emerald Eh?! Starburst Squirt on the bulb’s back surface and dry it with a heat tool. Now adhere the remaining elements to the canvas (a vintage photo, a few metal gears & charms, moss powder, sequins and the typo bulb) using Matte Gel.

Step 12: Now the finishing touches, dry brush the textures once again with heavy white gesso and then create white splatter using watered down white gesso and dark splatter using Lindy’s beautiful Beaver Tail Brown Starburst Squirt.

Here are some photos of the finished Triangular Vintage Mixed Media Canvas.

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  • Crafter’s Workshop Ledger Stencil, 7 Dots Studio Stencil, Prima’s Heavy White Gesso, Soft Matte Gel, Junkyard Findings Typo Bulbs, Waxes, Mini & Regular Art Stones, White Crackle Texture Paste, Versamark watermark Inkpad, Creative Embellishment Chipboards, metal charms, gauze, sequins, Spanish moss & moss powder.

Thanks a lot for your precious time.
Stay Blessed!

Preeti Dutt

I'm Preeti from India. I love paper crafting and mixed media. I enjoy making clean & simple as well as grungy vintage projects. Playing with colours is my happy place.

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