Sea Treasures Box with Alicja

Hello dears, Alicja Staszak here with my new mixed media project using more of my favorite fabulous Lindy’s products. Today I want to share with you how I created this round shaped box decorated with treasures from the deep sea.

As always I started with white gesso and applied it onto the box. I added some stamping with Clearly Clear embossing powder. It will stay transparent and paints don’t cover the powder in the next steps.

I also made the background more interesting by adding another stamp and black permanent ink.

It couldn’t look old without the crackle paste, which I applied with a spatula and let dry completely.

To start the final composition I grabbed gauze and glued it around the box and added plaster castings (they’ve been covered with the white gesso before gluing them down).

I decided to create more texture using a mixture of gel medium and art stones in two sizes.

Finally, it was the time for playing with colors! I used our new product Lindy’s Squirts to paint the whole surface. I picked Banff Blue and Maple Syrup Bronze, squeezed them directly onto the box and sprayed with water.

I added a little bit of white gesso on the top.

Then I decided to darken some areas with Magical powder Screamin Banshee Black mixed with water. I applied it with a soft brush.

I love chipboards, so I needed a few of them in this project! I decided on these delicate leaves painted with Merci Beaucoup Mint EP.

I added the last pieces of the composition – leaves, moss, seashells and stones.

I added Bonjour Butter Flat magical which I had mixed with a little bit of water to create kind of paste (I wanted only highlight details, so I needed a thick one).

The box needed a more warm and sunny look, so I sprayed it with Glory of the Seas Gold. It was a perfect choice!


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  • clear stamps, Renesans Heavy body gel, texture paste, chipboard leaves, plaster castings, gauze, seashells, mini stones, moss

I hope you have enjoyed my project!


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