Industrial Maze Steampunk Art Journal Page with Asia

Hello, hello!

I missed you all! Today I’ve prepared an art journal page with two of my very favourite Moon Shadow Mists Tawny Turquoise and Buccaneer Bay Blue one with a hint of emerald, the other with a hint of blue and both so yummy brown! Perfect for industrial layout. As always, I also have a short step-by-step movie, so you can follow the whole process.

Basic Steps

  1. Stamp on pieces of mixed-media paper and cut it out into small, irregular shapes
  2. Dip them in one of the sprays spread beforehand on the table ( I used Tawny Turquoise)
  3. Add some water to the page in the art journal, spread on it the paints ( Hockey Puck Black & Buccaneer Bay Blue), then dry it.
  4. Add some stamping to the page, add a piece of thread and then glue the cut pieces- use a different width of 3D foam tape, glue some of the pieces with tacky glue, make the pieces overlap one with the other.
  5. Add some embossing.
  6. And finally, add the sentiment and some splatter.

Watch the whole process on the video below:

Here are some close-up photos:

Lindy’s Products

Other products

  • Aall & Create stamp # 116-Industrial Script, Light Studio- Cogs stamp, Archival Ink- Jet Black, Embossing pad and clear embossing pen by Ranger, Nuevo Drops- black, Paint Chips word stickers- 7 Dots Studio

Wish you all a great day! See you soon,



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