Join Me in Organizing My Lindy’s Sprays

Hi everyone! Martina aka Frau Pony here on the Lindy’s blog and today, I’d like to show you my latest craft room improvement!  Not sure about all of you, but I would love to have my Lindy’s sprays a little better organized.

I really love all my Lindy’s products and I love to have them handy and organized.


Sadly, I don’t have the opportunity to bring on some shelves to the walls and arrange my Lindy’s Sprays there, so I have to keep them in a box inside my Lindy’s Cart.
BTW – I really love this cart and the wheels it has!

But – as you can see… Finding that one spray you’re looking for is really a hard thing.


Since my Magicals are in one of these boxes too, I have started to make swatches to get an idea of what I have and how it really is looking on paper.


I usually work on a quite special, more eggshell colored paper, so I punched out a gazillion circles and swatched each and every Lindy’s product I have.


On the back of each circle, I’ve written the name of the colour and a little note if its a Starburst, Moon Shadow Mist, Glitz Spritz, Flat Fabio, Magical Shaker or Magical.


Since the Embossing powders are totally different to touch and the Starburst Squirts are so different as well, I decided that I only need the name of the color on the back for these two.


But. Back to my Starburst Sprays issue.

I added little colored stickers to the sides of the bottles – which really is a good thing to get an idea of how the color looks, but it doesn’t help me to find a specific color inside my box 🙂


So, I grabbed some reinforcing rings that are just plain paper (and glue) and created another swatch of each and every spray. I dissolved the sprays well and painted the color directly onto the reinforcement ring.


After the drying, I glued the colored rings onto the lids of the matching sprays and put everything pack in place.  And am totally in love with the result of this little improvement!


I hope this is giving you some inspiration if you’re struggling with parts of your craft room organization as I do!

Thank you so much for stopping by!Lindys Blog Designer badge 2019 Frau Pony

6 thoughts on “Join Me in Organizing My Lindy’s Sprays

  1. Thank you for the feedback, Pam! I‘m super happy that my little idea could help you!!

  2. I am in the middle of organizing my craft room and your brilliant idea will be perfect for me. Thanks so much!

  3. I did something similar when I got my cart and it makes my life so much easier …….It is a great idea that makes working more enjoyable.

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