Art Journal Page with One Lindy’s Magical Set

Nuneka here with a new project, this time it’s an Art Journal page with just 1 Magical Set. When I made the layout with Totally 80’s Magical set I asked you if you would like to see another project done with another Magical set, and you said yes… so this time I’ve chosen the Industrial Chic set to create this art journal page.

Background Steps

  • Protect your pages with clear gesso and dry
  • Apply texture paste through a stencil in opposite corners, creating a frame
  • BEFORE drying, add some embossing powder Midnight Copper and dry – the more wet the texture paste is, the more powder will stick
  • I recommend you create a small color chart so you can clearly see how the colors look like and how you want to combine them, you can see in the photo the Industrial Chic color chart I used
  • Spray water in the areas you added the texture paste and sprinkle Magicals creating lighter areas with the brighter colors
  • You can use a paintbrush to blend colors, I recommend to do it with certain order so you won’t end up with a messy background, try to create gradients – then dry
  • Use a darker color to go over the edges again to create depth, I used Starburst Spray Midnight Rendezvous – dry

  • Ink the edges of the pages with black ink
  • Add some details with a stencil and black ink, use a blending foam to make these details softer
  • Use metallic wax to highlight the reliefs of the texture paste
  • Make some splatters with black Starburst Spray

Embellishments Steps

  • Use some tags or scrap papers to create layers, ink the edges and add details with stamps and Embossing Powder Midnight Copper only in some of them
  • Dye cheesecloth pieces with a couple of Magical colors (I recommend the brighter ones), all you have to do is spray water on the cheesecloth, sprinkle Magicals, move a bit and dry
  • Dye some chipboards with Starburst Squirts, I used Beaver Tail Brown and Poutine Gold – apply them directly on the chipboards, this way the chipboard will absorb the color and the shimmer will stay on top creating a beautiful effect – dry well
  • Ink the edges of any other elements you want to add, as smaller scraps or sentiments

  • Glue the tags, cheesecloth and chipboards creating two separate clusters
  • You can tie some cords in the tags or add some black thread here and there
  • Glue some few glitter confetti and micro beads
  • Glue some sentiments that describe the meaning of your page
  • Add some shadows with black ink and a paintbrush

You can watch the full tutorial on Lind’s YouTube channel.

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Clear gesso, black ink pad, texture paste, stencil,, metallic waxes, glue, chipboards, scrapbook paper tags, cheesecloth, microbes, glitter confetti

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My name is Nuneka, I'm from Spain and I'm one of the Lindy's Educators.

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