DIY Collage Papers with Lindy’s Sprays

Hello Lindy’s Tribe! Its Kerry with you today and I will show you how to make these awesome collage papers using Lindy’s Sprays. This is really just a great way to have some playtime, there is no right or wrong and this project is the perfect way to test your color combinations and just have fun.
You will only need a few supplies, so grab your Lindy’s spray stash, some black and white ink or paint and some paper (any kind, plain copy paper is perfect) I bet you can’t stop at just one page!!
I’ve chosen Hibiscus Rose and Tears on my Pillow Tangerine.



To begin, I have placed a sheet of paper in my ‘spray tray’. This paper is a lightweight paper, about 50gsm but copy paper would be just fine. 1(2)

Spritz the paper lightly with water, then spray liberally with your chosen Lindy’s Sprays, don’t be afraid to overspray, we will not waste any of that fabulous color! Once you have your sheet totally covered in color, lay another sheet of paper on top. Allow the color to transfer to the top sheet, peel off and put to the side to dry. Keep adding additional sheets one at a time until you have used up all that wonderful color.7(1)

I have ended up with 4 fabulous sheets and I love that they all vary. Dry these off thoroughly.8(1)


There are so many ways to use these fabulous pages. Keep it super simple and just tear strips from these colored papers, glue to a card base, add a little washi tape, a few splashes of black ink and some Antique Gold magical shaker splashes and VOILA – gorgeous handmade card in a few minutes.


Take your collage papers to the next level by adding some simple stamping. Foam stamps are great for adding paint or ink to the page and perfection is not required at all!!11(2)

Add even more interest by loosely painting over your shapes with some white gesso or paint and add some splashes in white and gold.


Now I have a gorgeous handmade card, with matching gift wrap – this is just one example of what you can do.


You can use any stamps and any mark making tools to further decorate these collage pages. Make a stash of them in a whole range of colors and have them at the ready for any card, tag or pretty much any project you can think of. Add some splashes of water to the dry page to get some lighter color variations.4(1)

The possibilities are endless… this is really just fun playtime – let your creativity guide you, try those techniques you have wanted to try but were afraid you would muck up your project – you can’t ‘get it wrong’. Be free, play and have fun!


Use those gorgeous collage pages in your journal, use them whole or tear them up, use as a background, or as the focal point of your creations. So simple but so effective and versatile!


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Other Products – Ink, gesso, stamps, gel pen, paper.

Thanks for dropping by and have a magical day xx

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