Watercolor Mini album with Pascale B.

Mini Album by Pascale B.

Hello Sweeties,

Today I’m up on Lindy’s Gang blog with a watercolor mini album.  I’ve used beautiful spring flower colors of Lindy’s Squirts paired with some gorgeous stamps from

Mini Album by Pascale B.

I try to keep the design really simple. As the album has 3 different parts, I decided to work with 3 different sets of colors and designs.

Here is the inside cover: Emerald Eh! and Canadian Bacon Blush.

Mini Album by Pascale B.

Basic Process:

  1. Cut 24 cards of 10×15 cm in a watercolor paper.
  2. Stamp the edge of the cards with a text stamp.
  3. Next, add some leaves and flowers images.
  4. Color the leaves with Emerald Eh! squirt and the flowers with Oh Canada Crimson, Maple Syrup Bronze, Polite People Purple, and Canadian Bacon Blush squirts.
    Don’t try to be precise! Use your brush or a piece of a plastic bag, stamp, use the technic you are the more comfortable with or experiment!
  5. Then you can spray some water if you want (or not).
  6. Add some splatters of the coordinating colors.
  7. Repeat the same steps for the cover and the inside cover.

And the different inside parts:
Emerald Eh! and Maple Syrup Bronze.

Mini Album by Pascale B.

Emerald Eh! and Oh Canada Crimson

Mini Album by Pascale B.

Emerald Eh! and Polite People Purple

Mini Album by Pascale B.

And here is the video tutorial:

You can find the base of the mini-album here.

Lindy’s Gang Products

Other products:

  • Stamps – A.B. Studio (Flower Power Stamp set ID-55, Stamp ID-179, Stamp ID-204, Stamp ID-208, Stamp ID-348);
  • Stamps – 49 and Market (Pascale’s Equations, 1787, Lock and keys).


https://www.instagram.com/pascale_b_scrap/ http://www.youtube.com/c/PascaleB_Scrap/ https://www.facebook.com/ScrapMadeInTouraine

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