Backgrounds: 3 Ways of Applying Lindy’s Sprays

Hi dear Lindy’s friends!

It’s Olga Ravenskaya here with my new step-by-step project showing you all several ways of applying Lindy’s Sprays.

Do you know that you may get different effects depending on which technique you using when working with the sprays?

I’ll share today how to achieve watercolor, multilayered colors and bokeh effects with some tips.

I’ve chosen for my mini canvases yellow, green and teal shades of Sprays.

The first steps are the same for each canvas.

To begin, I went over the surface with an antistatic pillow to get a sharp and clear print of the stamps.

I stamped using an acrylic block and sprinkled with two colors of embossing powders – Twilight Jade Slate and Desert Moon Turquoise.

For the other canvases, I also added Yodelling Yellow embossing powder. Warmed it with a heat gun and got beautiful sharp designs as on the photo below.

Then I prepared die cut elements and arranged them on the canvases. For diecutting I usually use heavyweight watercolor paper.

Glue the elements down using any transparent medium and cover all the surface with a clear gesso.

Well, all the canvases are ready for further painting.

Watercolor Effect

To achieve a watercolor effect you will need a soft brush, a palette and your favorite Lindy’s sprays.

  • I began with pale colors – Bling-y Blonder, Yellow Rose of Texas and Merci Beaucoup Mint Sprays.
  • Add a little of each color into a palette tray.
  • Apply them carefully from the top of the canvas using a paintbrush – one color at a time.
  • Let the colors flow free and mix with each other.

This way of applying sprays allows you more control over the colors and their intensity.

A little tip: first wet a bit a surface with clear water – this makes it easier to get the watercolor look.

Continue with more vivid colors – Time Travel Teal and Drop Dead Gorgeous Green Sprays.

If you want to get deeper colors – let the first layer dry a bit and add the second layer using the same technique. The background will be more interesting as the shimmer pools in the low areas –  as you can see in the photo below.

Multicolor Sprayed Layers

For the second canvas, I used a classic technique of applying sprays – just spraying directly from the bottles (after giving them a good shake).

It’s a great way to get vivid, full-bodied multilayered colors!

I began also with Bling-y Blonder, Yellow Rose of Texas and Merci Beaucoup Mint Sprays for the top and Time Travel Teal and Drop Dead Gorgeous Green – for the lower part.

Let it dry very well and then add the second layer.

A little tip: spray onto the canvas from a 10-15 cm distance to control the colors better, otherwise you have a risk of adding paint to all the surface with just one color.

After drying completely I covered all the surface with a gloss medium – it acts as a resist effect. And then glued on additional die cut elements.

A layer of a gloss medium or a wax allows you to paint upper elements with more pale shades making them visible on the more dark background.

So I used Bling-y Blonder and Merci Beaucoup Mint Sprays for the upper elements.

Bokeh Effect

And for the third canvas, I used one of my favorite technique imitating the bokeh effect.

All you need – sprays and a firm fan brush!

Wet a bit a surface, add a little bit of spray onto the brush, keep it in parallel to the canvas and tap on the brush.

You will get an airy background consisting of many many tiny drops.

I began with light colors and then added more intense (darker or bolder) colors.

Now all the canvases are complete. Do you see the difference you can achieve by using these 3 different techniques?!

As a final touch, I glued several die cut elements previously painted and covered with Lindy’s Clearly Clear embossing powder.
And here is a result! The backgrounds are ready for further work if needed.

Watercolor effect

Multilayered colors effect

Bokeh effect

Lindy’s Products

Other products: Ranger Multi Medium Gloss, Finnabair Clear Gesso, Mimi Cut die cuts.

Hoping you’ve enjoyed this post!

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