Quick 30 Minute Card with Caroline (Great for Beginners!)

Hi lovelies!

Caroline here today to play with you! Together we’re gonna make a simple card perfect for beginners or when you need a card quick! I don’t like making cards very much so I never make any in advance, then when I realize that I need one, I am always in a hurry!

We will play with sprays and embossing powders today. I chose 3 coordinated sprays to make my background so I would have a nice color blend. If you choose opposite colors on the color wheel (eg red and green), you might get a brownish blend so take care of the colors you pick!


Let’s start!

I say it often but it’s very worthy, use a good quality watercolor paper! I use a Strathmore paper and I’m never disappointed! I used Flat Fabio T-bird turquoise, Starburst Sassy Sapphire and Starburst Delphinium Turquoise to make my background.

I began by adding the lighter shade to the paper using a watercolor brush and then went over with the next color. Put each color next to the other or just a bit overlapping, to make them blend nicely.


I added just a spray of water over both colors to help them blend.


While the sprays are still wet, I made a couple of splatters with my brush and the darker shade.


Let this air dry for a beautiful blended result. You can see how gorgeous the blue shimmer is!


While your background is air drying, continue on a scrap piece of watercolor paper. I used Obviously black embossing powder to stamp a beautiful flower (the set drawn by my co Lindy’s DT member Valerie).


I used colored it with T-bird turquoise.


When almost dry, I went over with just a touch of Sassy Sapphire.


For the foliage, I used Starburst Lucky Shamrock green.


Once the flower is dry, simply fussy cut it and glue with 3D foam over your background after stamping a quote.


You only have now to glue this beautiful background over a coordinating cardstock and VOILÀ! You have a gorgeous simple card! You can work many at the same time and stamp them only when needed. With this process, you will obtain a lot of cards in advance for many occasions!



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  • Watercolor paper: Strathmore, Cardstock: Bazzill, Stamps: Designed by Valerie, Altenew


Thank you for being there and I hope I have inspired you!

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