Pimp your Brads with Lindy’s Squirts! DIY Tutorial with Maria Lillepruun

Hi guys!

This is Maria Lillepruun with you today with a little experiment. This time I decided to pimp up some of my old brads, as the ones with epoxy tops just don´t live long, unfortunately. The tops tend to peel and fall off the metallic bases, especially if they were exposed to direct sunlight. So I wanted to make my own colorful brads for my summer ATC set. This is what I made using the fabulous squirts from Lindy´s Gang.

Here is the video tutorial so I can show you step by step how I created these gorgeous jewel-like brads. Enjoy!

Basic Process

  1. First of all, I peeled the old epoxy tops off the brads.
  2. Then I covered the metallic bases with white heavy gesso in two layers. No need to flatten the gesso, uneven texture is more interesting.
  3. When the gesso was dry, I squeezed several drops of Lindy´s Gang squirts onto them and let them dry. I used all ten colors so all my brads would be different colors.
  4. After the squirts dried well, I applied a thick layer of transparent glossy glue onto the colored surfaces (you could also use bead gel or glass gel which has little clear shards or beads in the gel mix), and let it dry while the brads were in a horizontal position.
  5. Once the glue was dry, the brads are ready for use!

So I then went on and made a set of summer ATCs, and decorated them with these handmade DIY brads. I love that you can use our gorgeous Lindy’s products to make custom embellishments and so much more for your paper creations!

Lindy’s Products

Other Products

  • Brads, white heavy gesso (Prima Marketing Inc), glossy glue (Fabrika Decoru).




Maria Lillepruun

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